Superintendent's Message  

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year at Mexico Academy and Central School District!

My name is Sean Bruno and I am truly honored and privileged to serve as superintendent of our great District! I’m thinking that most are wondering what changes will come with the change in superintendents. I want you to know that I look forward to meeting everyone and learning more about our wonderful District and community so that we may continue to honor our rich history and traditions. It is equally important to me that we continue to protect our identity by ensuring that we continue with the unique things that make us MACS proud! I also look forward to working with everyone as we pursue an uncompromising commitment toward continuous improvement and a passion for professional and academic excellence!

Over the summer months, we have updated and will continue to update our facilities to ensure that our children have a safe, warm, welcoming, and professional learning environment. Our educators have participated in professional development so that we may deliver quality programs, services, and learning experiences that maximize our students’ academic performance and personal development to ensure their future success. In addition to providing incredible support for this continuous improvement work, our Board has established a renewed focus on student achievement this summer. They have begun to create aspirational goals for our District. Below you will find the goals they have developed thus far,

  • MACS will be in the top 10% of the school districts in New York State.
  • At the conclusion of grade 3, 100% of students will be reading on grade level.
  • MACS will achieve a 60% proficiency rate for grades 5-8 testing in ELA and Math.
  • MACS will achieve a 95% passing rate for Regents exams.

In September, they will complete their work in this area by continuing to use data to develop goals for our Middle School and High School. We look forward to collaboratively developing and successfully implementing strategic plans to achieve these aspirational goals.

Every fall, MACS receives the most precious gifts anyone could imagine, the opportunity to facilitate learning with the children of our community. I want you to know that we deeply appreciate your trust in us! We promise to honor that trust by creating a safe, warm, caring, supportive, and challenging learning environment so that all of our children can realize that the hopes and dreams that you as parents and community members have for them. We relish the opportunity to work with you as partners in fulfilling this promise. I encourage all parents and community members to get involved with our schools so that together we may maximize our impact.

I look forward to meeting everyone and being involved in our community. Please know that I am always available to you. In addition to contacting me in person, you may also contact me through my email address:, my office number: (315) 963-8400 ext. 5403, or my cell number: (315) 200-9542.

May this be our best year yet!

Sean C. Bruno

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